What We Do

What We Do Page

Who we work with

  • Educators: including those who work with early childhood or marginalized, at-risk children and secondary schools and university faculty
  • Health care professionals: creative arts therapists (art, music, dance/movement, drama therapists), psychotherapists, clinical supervisors physicians and psychologists
  • Artists: self-employed and those artists who work with children, adolescents and adults

What we teach

  • There is a presentation of relevant concepts pertaining to creativity followed by an experiential workshop:
    • to learn how to activate one’s own personal creativity and then enhance creative attitudes for others
    • to develop creative environments and mind sets for those whom the participants serve
    • learn creativity enhancements
    • identify personal barriers to creativity
    • neuroscience perspectives of creativity
  • The uniqueness of our work is that the presentation of concepts is immediately followed by the experiential workshop (can include music making, music-facilitated imagery, expressive writing, movement, focused play, and collage work) culminating in an integrative discussion that links participants’ workshop experiences with concepts from the presented material

Price upon request

Price rates are based upon:
  • organization type, i.e., Nonprofits, Corporation, etc.
  • time duration with a minimum of 2 hours up to 6 hours per day
  • the number of participants