Understanding and Enhancing Everyday Creativity

Date: March 29-31, 2019

Sponsored by An Ding Hospital Capital Medical Center

Location: Beijing, China.

Three – day translated course for physicians, psychotherapists, psychologists, students, artists and other professionals on: everyday and personal creativity; associated blocks and barriers; enhancement techniques using lecture, discussion; and arts – related experiential activities.

Neuroscience Perspectives of Creativity

A three – hour segment of the above course assisted by a neuropsychiatry resident physician that described the robust assortment of neural activities associated with creative thinking.

Collage Use for Accessing Everyday Creativity. Sponsored by An Ding Hospital Capital Medical Center.

A two – hour segment of the above course that highlighted the development of alternative perspectives. This segment used lecture, discussion and collage – making and integrative discussion.

Music and Play in Teaching Creativity.

This three – hour final segment of the above course included lecture and discussion on psychological and developmental theories of play along with an array of music and play activities designed to demonstrate cognitive concepts that were taught earlier in the course.